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Lions Narnia Braille Trail

Lions Narnia Braille Trail
The Lions Narnia Braille Trail in Warrior's State Park in Kingsport, Tennessee has eight sensory stations along the path that tell the story of the Chronicles of Narnia. Each station has an exhibit, a large print sign with Braille, and a speaker button that activates an audio theatrical recording of the story. The fully accessible trail is part of the Boundless Playground, where children of all physical and mental abilities can play together.  

Nearby City: Kingsport
State: Tennessee
Location: Warrior's Path State Park
Braille signs: Yes
Sensory Garden: N/A
Guide rope: N/A
Tactile Pathway: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Audio: N/A
Length or area: 0.25 mile
Loop: Yes
Number of stations: 8
Other: Based on book series Chronicles of Narnia